In regards to thick, healthy hair, we’re bombarded with tons of hair care products promising to improve the look and texture of our hair. Many people forget that proper nutrition is among the main things to help nourish those gorgeous locks.

A balanced diet that’s predominately plant-based can help you to get the key nutrients necessary for maintaining your hair, skin, and nails in great shape. A Mediterranean-style plan packaged with fiber-filled create, 100% whole grains, and healthy fats is one of the easiest ways to get these essential nutrients.

On the other hand, what you eat can also have a dramatic effect on hair loss. Consider replacing processed and packaged foods that are very nutrient-poor for more entire, real, and natural foods.

Many of these processed things are packed with additives and artificial ingredients that you simply don’t need. Plus, these processed foods can make a mess of the gut. Using a healthy gut flora is essential for helping with nutrient absorption to bolster the skin, hair, and nails.

If you’ve recently noticed significant hair loss, your first step is to check with your physician as it might indicate an underlying medical condition. Before beginning any nutritional supplement regimen, you should always speak to your doctor first.

While the additional B vitamins can help in specific cases (like if you’ve got an underlying condition causing a deficiency), they can also cause negative effects, like dangerously altering lab test results. Supplements also often provide unnecessary biotin that far exceeds what your body can actually use. Considering that most people can get all the B vitamins they need in food, purchasing these supplements is probably just a waste of cash.

When it comes to certain foods, you’ll want to load up on these healthy hair all-stars and add them to your grocery store ASAP.